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When the sun is setting, and a quiet calm breeze whistles through the trees, the flowers begin to settle down for the night. A nightingale begins to sing. Did you know that it is the unpaired males that sing, hoping to attract a mate? It’s a beautiful peaceful time, and Amanda’s Nightingale collection captures the feeling, with nighttime florals and textures. This striking line has a very home decorating feel, both in color (shades of navy blue) and pattern (mixed florals in varying scales). It would be perfect for just about any room in the house—just choose the look you want (large florals for a bold statement, smaller florals for a softer effect). Listen to the Nightingale—it’s simply beautiful! 

Delivery Date:  Aug/Sept 2019 | Full Collection: 21 Skus 

Also available as Pre-cuts: Strip-Pies &10 x10's 


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