What is your favorite category to design?

Probably realistic, rich colored and beautifully executed Quilt lines. Mostly inspired by nature or natural elements such as; Floral’s, trees, leaves, pumpkins skies and even the ocean. Some are embellished with Gold or Silver metallic making them really opulent and unique.

What is meant by “novelty prints?”

Novelty prints are prints that are one of a kind prints that people can relate to in everyday life. Whether you are a cat lover, sports fan, beer drinker or food junkie there is something for everyone in our novelty print lines. These are my favorite groups to design and we have a lot of fun choosing the names for each individual print.

Where do you get your inspiration for Kanvas fabrics?

My inspiration comes from many sources such as Fashion trends, movies, fine art, photography or even the latest Broadway shows! Tapping into the pulse of what is happening around me and jumping on it is what I most enjoy.

What is the significance of the name, “Kanvas?”

I chose the name Kanvas because it goes back to my roots as an artist and a painter. My background is the Fine Arts and textile design is the vehicle I use to express my art. The “K” in Kanvas vs. using a “C” is a takeoff of my last name which makes it more personal to me. When I started this new division I saw it as a blank Canvas, an opportunity to create new fresh print designs on fabric.

What makes fabric “modern?”

Color certainly plays an important role, and trendy motifs and design. Ultimately, it’s the way the fabric is used that creates a “modern” look. (Even a traditional paisley can look modern when surrounded by lots of negative space!)

Where do you get your inspiration?

From the streets of Manhattan! We’re located in the middle of Manhattan – loads of store windows, mannequins, street vendors, fashionistas, college kids. We like to say Contempo is modern fabrics, Manhattan style!

What is “Contempo?”

Contempo is Benartex’s young, modern studio. We design fabrics for the younger sewer (or the young at heart!)

Where can i see your collections? Do you have a catalogue?

We’ve found that our website is one of the best ways to present our lines. To see our collections, new and old, just go to the website and click on Fabric Gallery. You’ll be amazed at the wonderful variety of styles! 

We also offer a seasonal “Shoptalk” brochure which holds the newest collections and fabrics from our studios. To view the newest Shoptalk click HERE.

How can I find out about new fabric collections?

There are a number of ways! Sign up to recieve our free Email Newsletter. This monthly newsletter will keep you advised when our website is updated. It will also have news about new fabrics, promotions and projects. Just go to “Special Offers” to sign up. 

If you prefer to see and feel real fabrics before you go to your favorite quilt shop, join Mr. B’s Preview Pack Club, For $19.95 a year, this is a great value! Four times a year you receive an informative newsletter and a pack of 5″ x 5″ swatches of a brand new collection. We currently have over 5000 members. It’s fun! 

Where can I buy Benartex fabrics?

Benartex sells to the wholesale trade only, so to purchase our fabrics, please visit your local Quilt Shop or contact your favorite Mail Order House. Remember, if you’d like some help in finding a shop near you, our Store Locator Page lists hundreds of shops nationwide.