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The Land I Love

 The Land I Love

Sometimes a photo is so perfect, it doesn’t need explanation. That’s the secret of Lori Deiter’s photographic fabric panels. There are 3 panels in this first collection, each one so perfect, we couldn’t make up our mind which was our favorite. There is a horse panel (gorgeous!), a red barn panel (so Americana) and a train panel for all the train enthusiasts out there. In beautiful full colors, each panel is a work of art that can be used as-is, or cut apart. The coordinates are equally perfect—the richness and realness of these prints took our breath away. You’ll find a cloudy sky to get lost in; waving grass, Fall leaves in shades of rich orange; sunflowers in all their glory and gray pebbles so realistic you may try to pick them up. Wonderful gift idea for a new home or redecorated room, The Land I Love is a true collector’s item, never out of date or style. 


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