Project X

Blooming ColorBee Heaven

Project X is a new division completely dedicated to development of new talents
and new technologies for the fabric design industry. The new studio serves as an incubator for experimental concept lines, new designers, as well as innovative printing and production techniques.

X usually stands for the unknown, the unexplored, but it also recurs in the words that are at the core of the mission of this new studio like:

  • To eXperiment with innovative textile design and technology.
  • To eXpress unique styles, for those who don’t follow trends, but make them.
  • To eXplore new quilting and crafting ways.
  • To eXpand our customers’ creative vision with original looks, palettes and design themes.

The first two collections by Project X are Blooming Color by Wolff Paper and Bee Haven by Rachel Rossi, both are new designers to the industry.

Blooming Color reimagines the vibrant 70s style florals with a contemporary feel. The result is a novel look that will attract the crafters who love color and are looking for unique prints to differentiate themselves from the fans of celebrity designers.

Bee Haven’s design is a beautiful ode to the Earth. Not only the theme revolves around exquisite botanicals and bees in wonderful earthy hues, but the collection is also printed on unbleached and minimally processed cloth – a first in the industry, to keep a low carbon footprint and save thousands of gallons of water.

We are excited to begin this new chapter in the Benartex history and we have more Project X debuts lined up for future releases, stay tuned because Benartex is the Fabric of Creativity!

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