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David Galchutt

David Galchutt

David Galchutt can pin down the moment he decided to be an artist to a long ago day in kindergarten. The class was drawing trees with crayons. His tree did not look quite like the others. He was indignant that trees most definitely did NOT look like brown and green Q-tips. Trees had branches and leaves and bird’s nests and that is how he chose to draw his.

David Galchutt comes from a family of artists. His parents met in art school. His father was a graphic designer and his mother studied costume design. David attempts to incorporate design and costume into his artwork as the assignment allows. He is a graduate from Art Center College of Design.

A native Southern Californian, David Galchutt has been working as an illustrator/painter for over 30 years. Though he did some advertising illustration in his early years, the primary focus of his career has been in the children’s industry working for both toy companies and publishing. In 1993 a children’s book that he both wrote and illustrated was published by Simon and Schuster. He continues to freelance for children’s magazines, primarily for Highlights for Children. This relationship is especially rewarding as he had a subscription to that magazine as a child.

He was awarded the 2010 award for Best Children’s Magazine Illustration of the Year (ages 9-11) from The Association of Educational Publishers.

Additionally, he has worked the past decade designing for the giftware industry. He is comfortable working in both watercolor and oils.