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Rob Appell

A California native, Rob Appell is known around the quilting world for his contagious passion for textiles. He’s jazzed to share his passion with others and he loves teaching people to sew. His love for quilting started when he was working in his mother’s quilt shop. There, he caught the quilt bug and there was no turning back! Rob taught himself to quilt and his personal style gradually emerged. Quilted seascapes became his trademark. After a few years, he started designing fabric, and later his enthusiasm for quilting was channeled into one of the most popular shows on YouTube.

Rob cherishes the quilting art and he also believes that, like all arts, it needs to rejuvenate constantly to stay relevant and meaningful. An eclectic artist, he dabbles in woodwork, music, graphic design as well as tattooing. The ongoing intermingling of these different media generates his distinctive style as his creative journey continues with Benartex.

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